Seeds of Change Film: Farmers, Biotechnology, and the New Face of Agriculture

Who We Are

Dada World Data (DWD)

Dada World Dada is a multi-media production house that makes content for TV, Internet, radio and movie screens as well as material for educational purposes. DWD also specializes in the production of festivals and events. In all of its activities, DWD's goal is to foster diversity, give voice to those left voiceless, and stimulate people into being active participants, rather than passive spectators.

DWD has produced numerous films such as the feature length documentary entitled "The Real Thing: Coca, Democracy and Rebellion in Bolivia". "The Real Thing" has been screened and broadcasted internationally. For more on Dada World Data Productions, visit their web-site at

Dead Crow Productions

Dead Crow Productions is a Winnipeg-based organization coordinated by Stephane McLachlan and Ian Mauro due to the barriers created by University of Manitoba regarding video research. It specializes in educational and research video documentaries on social justice, and environmental and agricultural issues.

To date, Dead Crow has produced a number of works, including

  1. a feature-length video documentary on western Canadian farmer experience with GE crops, entitled 'Seeds of Change', which was co-produced with DWD.
  2. a short video documentary that summarizes Percy and Louise Schmeiser's six year legal battle with Monsanto over genetically engineered (GE) crops, while discussing issues relating to food safety, life patents, and biotechnology as a whole. This film was co-sponsored by the Council of Canadians and has screened throughout North America, UK, Japan, Bangladesh, and Australia
  3. a short educational video on the impacts of Roundup Ready Wheat on Prairies farmers and the environment, featuring Dr. Rene Van Acker. This award winning film was co-sponsored by the Council of Canadians and has screened throughout North America, UK, Japan, and Australia.

This video work largely arises from the research activity of Mauro and McLachlan and their role as internationally recognized experts in the field of farmer-focused research regarding the impacts of GE crops and, indeed, risk as a whole. Working at the University of Manitoba, their research makes extensive use of surveys, group and individual interviews, and video documentaries with farmers to better understand the on-farm risks and benefits of GE canola and wheat. Their work has received extensive media attention and they are often requested to consult with government, industry, non-governmental organizations, and farm groups throughout the world.